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By Alice Tallmadge At first, you barely notice the drop-off. You still check your personal email a dozen times an hour, just in case someone has weighed in. You pull up your website email daily and hover over Facebook, counting likes. You track your Amazon page more than once a week, hoping for one more 5-star […]

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The best damn thing!

Being loved by someone you want is the best damn feeling ! It is when you feel that great satisfaction deep within and the gladness that comes out in your look! It is when you conclude : ‘ I am glad and satisfied!’

Why does love turn a life full of woes into such a lovely life? Simple. It’s because LOVE is the best damn thing one could ever been through . !

My 9-year-old daughter recently said to me, “I wish I could be a beautiful black woman, Mommy.” She’s very fair, and I often feel guilty at how relieved I am that she can, “pass.” I want her to be a proud black woman, but I also don’t want her to suffer through what I went…

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Thought WE were Best Friends!

Spending time talking, having fun and teasing each other.

We, from being such naughty buddies, turn into best friends in an instant.

An insulting friendship that last for only nineteen fucking hours!

A gorgeous insult that mock my face off!!!


I was in dire need.

Getting drunk.

Getting lost anywhere.

Finding answers to my questions left unasked.

Swallowing my own words of pain left unsaid.


Off course it was PAIN!

It was a Hell-like pain that you just used me then threw me away!

You just made  me feel like the worst shitty mistake ever taken!


Like the old and the sick begging for care.

The needy crying for bread.

The infirm who dyingly reach for love.

I need you to please talk to me and answer my Whys.

I want you to tell me that I am never a distraction.


I couldn’t see how this matters to you when I thought we were best friends!

I don’t know!


Now friendship’s over. …closeness’s over!

everything between us is over when I thought we were Best Friends..!

I must have misplaced my modifier.

learning grammar is really very important. 🙂

Meg Sorick, Author/Artist

Good grammar and spelling can make or break an otherwise wonderful piece of writing. One common mistake is to misplace modifiers. What is a misplaced modifier? Simply put, it’s a word or phrase put in the wrong place in a sentence. It will make a sentence confusing and illogical. Take for example, this converstion:

Me: “This morning, I passed a horse on the way to work.”
You: “Where does the horse work?”
Me: “No, the horse wasn’t going to work, I was. A policeman was riding the horse directing cars.”
You: “So the horse was directing cars?”
Me: “No! The policeman was directing the cars on the horse.”
You: “How were the cars on the horse?”

Ridiculous, right? The modifiers should be placed as close to whatever they describe or give information about. Like this: “This morning, on my way to work, I passed a horse.” And so forth. Notice…

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for someone who always does……


It was quarter to midnight when I realized I haven’t fallen to sleep yet.

Still busy with my stuff, You passed by in a message.

Your message has always been my heart’s loudest beat.

YOU….. has always been my heart’s loudest beat.!

Then you start telling me your stories.

Your funny, pleasing and fascinating stories!

A little bit of weird but I’m starting to love them.

Yeahhhhh… I do love listening to whatever words your mouth utter.

I even love your voice!!!

As time runs, I didn’t notice you were gone.

You went to sleep.

And I was left alone .

Who else could talk to me the way you always did?

I hated myself for letting you just sleep.

Every night I always regret that my day has to end up the way I started it.

Without even telling that I love everything about you.

That I….. love you!!!

Until when will I be blaming SLEEP for always taking you from me?

For not giving me the time to talk to you for long.

And for making me suffer with the bitterness I am bearing every time I wake up and every time I go to sleep!.

The Shepherd


In the messiest of my journey, you took me out of this mischievous flock.

Shelter me and fed me with your tender love.

That was when I needed someone’s care

I needed someone’s guide,.. someone’s love…

I needed a shepherd.

Then you had become my shepherd

Tend me in all my needs.

You took me to a place where I got the best comfort,

A place where I forgot all silly things I have in life

A place called your Heart.

Time passes.

And we’ve been too confident of each other

Me as your protégé and you as my keeper

We shared the comfort and fondness of each other.

But how stupid I am to be considered that I still walk away from you!?

I tried to live on my own.

I tried to live without my shepherd’s assistance.

I tried to unleash my connection with you!

I tried everything with my own’s help.

But I guess this isn’t enough.

My miserable life come back!

Now I know I needed you!

Then there is your humble heart.

Accept me once again like the prodigal son’s father.

I always hope you will be my shepherd till my end.

And that I will be your only protégé.

I never want you to tend other sheep.

Please make it for only me!